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EMMAUS MIDDLE EAST conducts children’s day clubs and youth meetings throughout the year.


Before the Corona pandemic crisis, Emmaus Middle East held children’s day clubs at Christmas and Easter for two days, and in August for five days. About 40-70 children attended these camps, attendance varied depending on the season. It would begin with Bible Hour with songs, Bible stories and memory verses followed by fun activities in smaller groups.

Due to the pandemic and limitations in space and resources we have not held any children’s Bible clubs recently, however we aspire to resume them in the near future.


In the past Emmaus gathered together the volunteer helpers from the children’s clubs to form a weekly youth meeting with activities and a Bible discussion. We are restarting these meetings as of April 2021. 

Outreach in Nazareth, Israel

EMMAUS reaches out to the local people of Nazareth with the Word of God, by means of Children’s day Club and youth meetings. During these days and meetings, there is also sometimes contact with the parents.

We have occasional outreach teams from overseas to distribute literature and encourage the local believers.

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