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Every gift is much appreciated. 

Donate online for the general Emmaus Middle East work or specifically to one to the projects listed bellow. In case you want the donation to go to a certain project please contact us and let us know. We will ensure that your gift is used according to your instruction.




More books of Emmaus Bible Courses: 

We continually have study books to prepare for printing and shipping to other fields. These Emmaus Bible Courses will be used in Israel Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, South Sudan, Morocco, Syria and Jordan and on the website.


Shawel. He works on the correspondence, the website, children’s clubs and audio video recordings.​

Rosamond. the English secretary, and she also help with the children’s clubs, and the hospitality of all our visitors 

Yasmin. works with the translation and editing of the Bible study
courses in Arabic and audio video recordings and editing.

George is the director and Emmaus Arabic Language Coordinator.

Ministry Trips:

George and Ros often travel abroad and to  neighbouring countries for ministry abroad to share about the work and conferences with other Emmaus field leaders. 


The Nazareth office is responsible for the shipping costs of Bibles and printed materials between the Middle East fields. We also import Bibles in many languages.



These include daily office expenses, websites and IT, and audio/video equipment.

The Emmaus Bible Ministry in Nazareth has purchased a new building to function as the new offices, with a display and storage for the literature and as a Christian community centre. The aim of this facility is to provide activities for youth and all sections of the local community, such as Bible study groups, seminars, and to create an atmosphere where they will be open to hear and respond to the Gospel.

The centre will have a bookshop, library, seminar and classrooms, multi purpose hall for Christian conferences and activities. The administrative and publishing offices of Emmaus, a purpose-built audio/video studio and storage space will also be included.


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