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Expansion to the wider Middle East

In 2000 the ministry started low key in Jordan but revived in 2010 and the courses were used intensively for church planting. In 2015 the courses started to be used in Egypt.

In 2016, as Emmaus Middle East celebrated 40 years of ministry, a conference took place in a neighbouring country for potential Emmaus Middle East field leaders. Despite the conflicts, uprisings and wars raging in some of these countries, the influx of refugees opened the door to reach these needy people with the gospel through the Emmaus books. There was a new hunger for God’s Word and the Lord brought believers with the vision and desire to use and distribute Emmaus courses in their country. There are now Emmaus centres in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq and South Sudan. We are also in partnership with Central Africa Mission (ZAM) and they use our courses in many African Arabic-speaking countries.

Since security is always an issue in these countries, the courses are mainly first studied in small home groups. As some of them come to faith in Christ and begin to break bread together, a new church is planted.


In the year 2000 a brother, who has vision for church planting, started distributing courses and using them in home study groups. After some years a local church was planted. In 2014 many refugees arrived in Jordan from Iraq and Syria and they are now using the courses to preach the gospel and teach in their meetings as well as for their personal studies. Another church and home meeting has also started up as a result and some of the refugees, who came to faith, have returned to their home countries and started Bible study groups using the courses. Our field leader in Jordan has visited Lebanon and Egypt to teach the local churches how to use the courses for evangelism and discipleship.


The courses are being used in the local churches for teaching and evangelism. They have also been able to reach refugees in the camps, and in Turkey via ZOOM and start up Bible studies with people from “the other faith”.


Our co-worker in Jordan has visited Egypt several times to teach discipleship in conferences in Cairo and other locations. At least one church has been planted and many Bible study groups are being used in established churches especially for training future leaders. Our field leader has a store for the shipments of books that arrive from the press and he sends them out to the other Middle Eastern countries and distributes them to local churches and individuals in Egypt.



A couple from Iraq, who came to faith in Christ as refugees in Jordan, have since returned to their home in Iraq and are leading home Bible studies using the courses. Emmaus courses are also being used in other Iraqi cities.

South Sudan

The situation in war-torn South Sudan has brought in a number of NGO’s to bring aid and help to many displaced people. An American believer, who works with one of these organisations, saw the need and hunger for God’s Word and contacted Emmaus to obtain courses in English and Arabic. We were able to send him a supply through our office in Egypt. The demand has grown so much that they are now printing their own copies. We are still supplying them with other books. 

North Africa

We are also in partnership with Central Africa Mission (ZAM) and they use our courses in many African countries including Egypt, Algeria, Morocco and Sudan.

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